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SARS e@syFile Submissions Workshop

Course Overview:

This comprehensive workshop revolves around the various tasks needed to be completed to ensure a smooth and effective annual submission process to SARS. The workshop will also enable you to take ownership of the payroll submission process. You will be able to complete a test submission on SARS e@syFile.

Course Content:

Annual reconciliation and tax certificates

Understand the employer’s obligation to issue tax certificates | Understand the different forms of tax certificates

SARS e@syFile-Employer

The SARS e@syfile-employer software | Installing or updating SARS e@syfile-employer | Logging into SARS e@syfile-employer | Database encryption and decryption | Database split by PAYE reference number | The SARS e@syfile-employer for the first time | Creating your Employer Account in SARS e@syfile-employer | Importing the test run electronic file(s) for validation | Import payroll file log | Import live run | Verify/update employer information on SARS e@syfile-employer | Capture manual tax certificates | The EMP501 Reconciliation Declaration | Declaration, understatement and overstatement | Submit on SARS e@syfile-employer | EMP501 Status Dashboard | Creating a backup of your database on SARS e@syfile-employer
  • 17 May 2021
  • 19 May 2021

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Who can attend this course?

If you would like to learn how to complete the annual tax submissions on SARS e@syFile-Employer, this course is for you.