Renewable Energy Training

Solar PV System End-user training

Course Overview:

Aimed at the person requiring an understanding of renewable energy and in particular solar PV systems, the course was designed around the requirements of the end user who needs to gain a better understanding prior to embarking on a solar PV implementation project or a person who needs training in order to better understand an existing system, whether grid-tied feed-in, grid-tied with reverse power blocking, stand-alone (off-grid), PV hybrid systems or just a battery backup system as a first phase towards full solar PV adoption.

Course Content:

  • Broad concepts of Carbon footprint, renewable energy.
  • Different types of energy sources: grid power, generator, battery backup/ups, solar PV, wind generation.
  • Terminology used: amp; watts; volts; dc; ac; grid; off-grid; load; base load; essentials circuit; non-essentials circuit.
  • Defining your load/understanding kW’s.
  • Legal requirements & certification: City of Cape Town/ Johannesburg City Power applications for grid-tied; off-grid registration; prof engineer sign-off.
  • PV module design & functioning; life expectancy; performance; factors affecting performance; wiring and arrays.
  • Inverters: different types; grid-tied; grid-tied feed in; grid-tied with reverse blocking; hybrid; off- grid; battery-tied inverters.
  • Battery types & performance; understanding kWh.
  • Managing of a solar PV system: load balancing; load shifting; base load; over-load.
  • Maintenance: PV modules; inverter remote monitoring & control.
  • Economics & pay-back; rates; unit of measure/kWh.
  • The dynamics of opting for an EV. (Electric Vehicle)
  • See also Dr Bernard Bekker’s presentation.
  • On request
Target Group:

Residential-, commercial- and industrial users of solar PV systems.

VENUE: Applico Training Centre, Kenilworth or Virtual
COURSE TYPE: Instructor-led with practical examples
GROUP SIZE: Minimum 5, classroom and/or virtual